What we do

We make humane products and services.

We work across design, policy and technology from idea to launch, partnering with you to create products and services. Our expert perspectives and ability to navigate ambiguity will help you move from the abstract to the tangible.

User research#

We seek to understand users on a profound level, delving into their lives, their needs, and their behaviours. This isn’t about data gathering—it’s about human connection. We undertake field studies to ensure our designs resonate emotionally and functionally.

Service design#

In a complex, interconnected world, we look at the bigger picture. Our service design involves crafting experiences across multiple touchpoints, seamlessly integrating digital and physical interactions. We design holistic solutions beyond individual products or services.

Interaction design#

Our team designs with interaction at the forefront. We consider how people interact with their environment and each other, ensuring that the experiences we create are intuitive and delightful.

Mentoring and training#

We believe in spreading the love of human-centred design. Through mentoring, we guide up-and-coming designers in honing their craft, offering personal advice, and sharing our design ethos. Our training programs are meticulously curated, offering practical, hands-on learning experiences steeped in empathetic, humane design values.

At Humane Design, we understand the power of design to shape the world, and we use that power to put people first. Whether we’re conducting research, creating a design, or teaching the next generation, our aim remains the same: to design services that meet needs, inspire, delight, and truly make a difference.

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